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So by now you’ve heard alot about mineral makeup. But what do you know about the ingredients in mineral makeup? Most of you know the basics about natural cosmetics and you’ve seen infomercial after infomercial about how great this magical powder is and how you just have to have it. And they do give you some brief information about the ingredients, at least the ones they want you to know about. But for the most part you watch as they bring women on and demonstrate, usually over the age of 25, and they show you how quickly and easily you too can have flawless coverage and perfect glowing skin. Then you see the lovely price and think to yourself that’s alot of money, but I want it.

The next thing you know, you’re walking down the makeup aisle at your local drug store and there it is “mineral makeup”. It seems just about everywhere you look down the cosmetic aisle, you find that the big cosmetic companies have jumped on the natural mineral makeup supplies florida. You buy it only to find that it’s not the same, so you read the label and realize that it’s the same ol’ makeup you’ve always used except there is a little bit of minerals listed under inactive ingredients, right under all those chemicals you were trying to avoid. Your now you start to wonder, what is so special about the ingredients mineral makeup that making so many women switch to it. Especially since mineral cosmetics seemed to have come out of nowhere.

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